Welcome to my blog

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As academics, one of our responsibilities is to disseminate our work and make it accessible to researchers from other fields, practitioners, and decision-makers. I believe, also, that as a survey methodologist I must help others improve how they collect and analyse data. Considering my focus on innovations in data collection, I would like to be of help to all those interested and focused on using new approaches to collect data about behaviours and attitudes.

Technological advances allowing to collect new types of data (e.g. Big Data/ Digital Trace data/ Sensors data) present many opportunities, but challenges are sometimes overlooked. In this blog, I will try to show that by exploring those challenges, we can make better use of these new approaches to collect data, and even get to have a better understanding of social and political phenomena.

An important disclaimer, I do not intend to be extremely active as a blogger – a Ph.D. is a demanding lover- and most surely I will mainly write blogs to self-promote my work (sorry not sorry). However, I promise I will try to publish every now and then posts about the innovations in data collection methods happening in the field of survey methodology (and others, maybe).