Do Millennials differ in terms of survey participation?

Published in International Journal of Market Research, 2019

Recommended citation: Bosch, O. J., Revilla, M., & Paura, E. (2019). Do Millennials differ in terms of survey participation?. International Journal of Market Research, 61(4), 359-365.

Abstract: Millennials have been the focus of quite some research because of their differences with older cohorts. Besides, young respondents have been considered as a hard target population for surveys. However, to our knowledge, no research has compared the levels and types of survey participation of the Millennials versus the older generations. Using a dataset of 1,570,301 panelists of an opt-in online panel in eight countries from Europe, Latin America, and North America, we show that Millennials differ from older cohorts in terms of survey participation. Millennials show lower participation rates than older cohorts. Moreover, they present significantly higher proportions of surveys answered using smartphones. However, differences across cohorts in terms of break-offs and survey evaluation are mainly nonsignificant and/or nonmeaningful.

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