Millennials and emojis in Spain and Mexico: using emojis in surveys targeting millennials


Description: To involve Millennials in survey participation, and obtain high-quality answers from them, survey designers may require new tools that better catch Millennials’ interest and attention. One key new tool that could improve the communication and make the survey participation more attractive to young respondents are the emojis. We used data from a survey conducted among Millennials by the online fieldwork company Netquest in Spain and Mexico (n = 1614) to determine how emojis can be used in mobile web surveys, in particular in open-ended questions, and how their use can affect data quality, completion time, and survey evaluation. Overall, results show a high willingness of Millennials to use emojis in surveys (both stated and actual use) and a positive impact of encouraging Millennials to use emojis in open-ended questions on the amount of information conveyed, the completion time and the survey enjoyment.

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